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Today's distribution platforms offer a higher quality display of subtitling and more flexible positioning options than traditional analogue television. File- and IP-based production facilities demand clearly specified ways to carry subtitles during production, exchange, archiving and distribution to their customers, including the use of online services. To handle these new contexts, broadcasters need a low-complexity, but thoroughly specified subtitling format.
To meet these requirements, the EBU Group 'Subtitles in XML' has created EBU-TT, which stands for EBU Timed Text. EBU-TT is the follow-up to the widely used EBU STL format (EBU Tech 3264).

Visit the EBU website to read more and to and download all the specs.

We produce EBU-TT xml subtitle files. Subtitling a corporate video into many languages? Choose us. We do this all the time. inVision Subtitling was established at the end of 1992. We are a multimedia company specialised in translating and subtitling. Besides the common European languages we specialise in languages like Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

You import the subtitles on your timeline as EBU-TT or as a transparent quicktime. No loss of accents or exotic characters. And all done by one keystroke.

By using our transparent quicktime editors can import our dead sharp subtitles into video editing software like Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere with just ONE key stroke. Read more about these subtitles.
Other formats are pac, 890, stl, spruce, srt, txt, ebu-tt, etc.

If you want to know how much it will cost you to subtitle a video, please click here for a quote subtitling. No minimum fee and no VAT. You will receive the invoice from our main office abroad.

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